Business philosophies:

- Quality of product is essential

- Customer benefit is a crucial key

- Employee's satisfactory income is our responsibility

- Sharing with community is an obligation

Phung Hoang rice export import Joint Stock Company is one of the Vietnamese’s leading enterprises in food processing with rice as our main product. We always combine practical experience, scientific research and creative minds in production to aim at becoming an international company.


With an aspiration and a stable investment strategy for development, we strive to be a top rice brand in Vietnam as well as in Southeast Asia in order to reflect our pride and stature in international market.


For the market: We will continue to improve and boost the production of quality to meet the demands of a diverse market. Thanks to its well-monitored and well-regarded quality control system, We have been continuously providing the highest standard products and professional services to satisfy the needs of its customers.

For the partners: We enhance the spirit of cooperation and development while assuring domestic and foreign companies of its reliable partnership.

For employees: We implement an adequate compensation for living cost and spirit in order to encourage workers and farmers to create new values for the society.

For society:
- We are aware of community and environment protection.
- We also aim at Harmonious combination between the society and company benefits Positive contribution toward people – especially the farmers Showing civic responsibilities and pride of nation.